The Advantages of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Homes

11 می 2022 Hadis بلوک هبلکس, مقالات

some Advantages of hebelex block

• sound proof

Concrete block homes are practically soundproof .
The design of a concrete block home creates a natural soundproofing layer that is perfect for urban environments or properties near military bases . If you have jets flying overhead or a commercial airport nearby , then this material can reduce the sound issues that you’ll encounter every day . About 75% of the outside environmental noise that exists outside gets blocked when using this material , and you can enhance those results by using double-pane windows .
That means it can also be a great option if you love to throw parties regularly . You can have a great time with all of your friends and family members without disturbing the neighbors if you have a concrete block home .
Hebelex lightweight block is sound proof , which distinguishes the Hebelex lightweight block from other building materials . By choosing the Hebelex block you will not need extra expenses such as re -insulation , anymore . Hence , Hebelex is a very economical and affordable choice .

• light weight

The Hebelex block has a very light weight , which increases the speed of your performance . beside , Your worker can easily put the hebelex blocks on the certain place and there will be no need for more worker , anymore .

• anti-earthquake

because of its light weight , transfers less burden to the building , therefore hebelex makes the building resistant against events such as earthquakes .

• high compressive strength

The Hebelex block has a very high compressive strength that is resistant to impacts and pressure .

• Increase the speed of project performance

Because the Hebelex is lightweight , it is very easy to work with it , so the speed of working with the Hebelex will increases considerably . hence , your worker can pick it up and set it on the certain place without any difficulty .

• Fire and flood resistance

• A thermal mass that naturally keeps temperatures cool in the summer and warm in the winter .
The Hebelex block is resistant to cold and heat and saves energy . You can consume your cryogenic and thermal equipments less than before .

• Cost-efficiency ; minimal need for ongoing maintenance

• Resistance to currency fluctuations as concrete blocks are manufactured locally in the UK .

• The highest level of fabric energy efficiency can be achieved with concrete block construction . This will ensure long-term airtightness , minimal thermal bridging and gives different options for locating insulation .

• Our building stock is gradually becoming more airtight through the use of higher performance materials .

During construction greater attention is being paid to the junctions and sealing between different materials . As a result , thermal bridging becomes of central concern as its relative effects are heightened . Especially in a cold climate such as the UK , any break in insulation can significantly add to heat loss . Thermal bridging can be responsible for up to 30% of heat loss in a modern building .

• It is an effective way to create a low-maintenance home in a high-moisture location .

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete block homes are quite common in areas that receive high levels of precipitation throughout the year . The material doesn’t attract mold or mildew like a wooden frame does when it remains wet for an extended time , which means there is a lower risk of experiencing structural damage over time .

This benefit also means that a concrete block home is resistant to the pests that can impact a structure that receives constant moisture exposure . You have fewer issues with termites and rodents coming through the walls because of the building material .

• Concrete block homes can resist strong winds .

Homes made from concrete blocks are useful in areas that are prone to strong winds . It creates a natural resistance to the wind speeds that blow through during hurricanes or tropical storms. Some structures made with this material can withstand speeds of over 200 miles per hour . If the owners maintain the structure appropriately as the years go by , the structure has the potential to last for centuries without much effort .

• It provides a natural level of fire resistance .

If you have ever seen the aftermath of a devastating fire where a single home stands alone in the ashes of others , then there is an excellent chance it was built using concrete blocks . Although the wooden components of the structure , such as the roof , will ignite during a blaze , the walls will only receive a scorching . That’s because cement isn’t flammable by itself .
That’s why concrete blocks are sometimes the preferred building medium in regions that experience frequent wildfires . It can be a way to protect your real estate investment even if you live in high-risk areas . It offers an ASTM E119 fire rating of four hours when following best practices , which is double the coding requirement in many areas .

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