AAC Block

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Today we’re going to talk about a kind of structural material that has come to material bazaar. If you are eager to know this unique product, read our article.

?What is Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC)

AAC is a kind of structural material that has special attributes such as : lightweight, foam concrete and precast.
This structural material uaually is suitable for producing concrete masonry unit like blocks.

?How does AAC Block make

It’s necessary to know , AAC block is composed of silica, quartz sand, calcined gypsum, lime, cement , aluminum powder, lime and water. Result of curing These materials under the heat and pressure in an autoclave, give us a product that is named “ AAC” (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete). The specific weight of each AAC block per cubic meter, almost considers equal to 600 kilogram and its compressive strength is almost equal to 30 or 35 kg/cm2.

Background of AAC block

AAC has perfected in the mid-1920s by the Swedish architect and inventor Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson , working with Professor Henrik Kreüger at the Royal Institute of Technology . The process has patented in 1924. In 1929, production started in Sweden at the city of Yxhult.
We also know AAC with another brands like : Hebelex , Siporex, Lightweight block , Autoclaved Aerated Concrete.
In 1978 The Swedish team of Siporex Sweden opened the Siporex Factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – the “Lightweight Construction Company – Siporex – LCC SIPOREX” which have supplied the Middle-East and Africa and Japan by most of its need. The LCC Siporex Factory has operated for more than 40 years. Today aerated concrete is produced by many companies, particularly in Europe and Asia. There is some production in the Americas and in Africa, there is one plant in Egypt. AAC production in Europe has slowed down considerably, but the industry is growing rapidly in Asia due to strong demand in housing and commercial space. China is now the largest aircrete market in the world with several hundred factories. China, Central Asia, India, and the Middle-East are the biggest in terms of AAC manufacturing and consumption.

Uses of AAC block

AAC blocks are widely used in the construction of apartments and other types of residential properties, industrial and commercial buildings, such as hotels, offices, hospitals and schools. Owing to their excellent heat insulation capacity, AAC bricks find application in interior and exterior construction. They are ideal for high-rise structures.

Advantages of AAC block

Better workability and faster construction

AAC blocks are about 50% lighter and 10 times larger than traditional bricks. This unique property facilitates easy installation and gives the desired flexibility that makes adjustments, cutting, shaping, etc., quite easy. AAC blocks have fewer joints and consistent dimensions, thereby, ensuring ease of laying and making the construction process faster. Lastly, the lightweight blocks are easy to transport, which helps to save on the overall logistics and shipping costs, as compared to the costs involved in the transportation of traditional bricks.


Generally, buildings are designed to handle vertical forces, such as self-weight and gravity. However, there are also horizontal forces, such as those caused by earthquakes. The AAC blocks gain a high level of strength during the manufacturing process, giving durability to the finished structure. Thus, structures made with AAC bricks are capable of handling higher seismic loads, compared to structures with conventional bricks.

Thermal insulation and energy-efficiency

The material contains small air pockets and hydrogen is used to foam the concrete, thus, giving it an excellent heat insulation property that allows temperatures to be warm in winters and cool in summers. Therefore, it can significantly lower your air-conditioning costs by about 25%. AAC blocks are energy-efficient across their lifecycle, as their production involves less energy consumption


The AAC block material is non-combustible and provides fire resistance of up to six hours, depending on the block thickness and up to 1,200 degrees Celsius, compared to other building materials. Thus, it also has importance from a fire safety point of view.

Sustainable and affordable

AAC blocks are made from natural and non-toxic raw materials and their manufacturing process generates minimum waste. Some of the waste or offcuts generated can be recycled or used in aggregates. As it is made from non-biodegradable materials, it makes the building durable and stable, preventing rot or mold. Furthermore, being lightweight, energy-efficient and easy to install, AAC blocks also minimise labour costs.

High compressive strength

The average compressive strength of the AAC block is 3 to 5 N/mm2. Thus, it is much stronger and better than bricks of the same density.


AAC blocks are prepared from inorganic materials, which help in protecting the structure from pests such as termites, rodents, etc


The lightweight and porous structure of AAC blocks enables high sound reduction. For this reason, the AAC block material is widely used in the construction of studios, hotels, hospitals, etc.


Moisture can severely damage a structure. The macro-pores inside AAC blocks ensure low absorption of water. Thus, they provide better moisture protection.

AAC blocks vs red bricks

AAC blocks manufacturers are sought-after by construction companies in India, as this new-age building material scores over traditional bricks for numerous reasons.

Firstly, bricks are heavier and their use in building construction involves increased cost and wastage. Moreover, the rising price of kiln fuel can impact the overall cost. AAC blocks, on the other hand, are lightweight. The weight of AAC blocks is about 80% less than traditional red bricks and leads to a reduction in the use of cement and steel, thus, saving costs. Moreover, being environmentally friendly, AAC blocks ensure better durability and improved sound and heat insulation compared to bricks.

How do we provide AAC block?

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