The Advantages of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Homes

? what are Advantages of hebelex or AAC block

sound proof *

     , Concrete block homes are practically soundproof

The design of a concrete block home creates a natural soundproofing layer that is perfect for urban environments

,or properties near military bases

If you have jets flying overhead or a commercial airport nearby then this material can reduce the sound issues that

!you’ll encounter every day

About 75% of the outside environmental noise that exists outside gets blocked when using our product and you

, can also enhance those results by using double-pane windows up to 90%

That means it can also be a great option if you love to throw parties regularly . You can have a great time with all

.of your friends and family members without disturbing the neighbors if you have a house made of AAC

as we mentioned Hebelex lightweight block is sound proof , which distinguishes the Hebelex lightweight block from

, other building materials . By choosing the Hebelex block you will not need extra expenses such as re -insulation

. anymore on the other hand , Hebelex is a very economical and affordable choice

light weight *

The Hebelex block is the lightest kind of building material , which means it increases the speed of your performance . beside , Your workers can easily put the hebelex blocks on the certain place and there will be no need for more workers anymore .

anti-earthquake *

because of AAC’s light weight , transfers less burden to the building , and also hebelex makes the building resistant against events such as earthquakes .

high compressive strength *

.The Hebelex block has very high compressive strength that is resistant to impacts and pressure

Increase the speed of project performance *

Because the Hebelex is lightweight , it is very easy to work with it or to move it , so the speed of working with the

Hebelex will increases considerably . so there would be no problem or worries about workers  because you will just

. need 2 workers and no more

 Fire and flood resistance *

Well there is always a chance of lighting your house on fire but using our product (AAC) fire can’t spread , which

. makes hebelex block not one not two but three steps above all materials

Heat and cold insulation *

One of the best advantages of AAC is that it keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter , Hebelex block

is resistant to cold and heat and saves energy . You can consume your cryogenic and thermal equipments less than

. before

prices and wages *

So , as you know AAC block is one of the cheapest products you can buy

!!! by using the word cheap we don’t mean priceless we mean inexpensive !!!

fixed price *

As you might know our product usually has stable prices because AAC is made in famous country’s by our company

… such as : IRN , UK , USA , SA , IT , FR , DE and

The highest level of fabric energy efficiency can be achieved with concrete block construction

. This will ensurelong-term airtightness , minimal thermal bridging and gives different options for locating insulation

. It is an effective way to build a normal house in high humidity

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete block homes are quite common in areas that receive high levels of precipitation

throughout the year . The material doesn’t attract mold or mildew like a wooden frame does when it remains wet

. for an extended time , which means there is a lower risk of experiencing structural damage over time

This benefit also means that a concrete block home is resistant to the pests that can impact a structure that

receives constant moisture exposure . You have fewer issues with termites and rodents coming through the walls

. because of the building material

Concrete block homes can resist strong winds *

Homes made from concrete blocks are useful in areas that are prone to strong winds . It creates a natural

. resistance to the wind speeds that blow through during hurricanes or tropical storms

Some structures made with this material can withstand speeds of over 200 miles per hour . If the owners maintain

the structure appropriately as the years go by , the structure has the potential to last for centuries without much

, effort It provides a natural level of fire resistance

, If you have ever seen the aftermath of a devastating fire where a single home stands alone in the ashes of others

then there is an excellent chance it was built using concrete blocks . Although the wooden components of the

structure , such as the roof , will ignite during a blaze , the walls will only receive a scorching . That’s because

. cement isn’t flammable by itself

That’s why concrete blocks are sometimes the preferred building medium in regions that experience frequent

wildfires . It can be a way to protect your real estate investment even if you live in high-risk areas . It offers an

ASTM E119 fire rating of four hours when following best practices , which is double the coding requirement in many



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